[]WATCH predictions

I read some reviews of the watch. I haven’t used one, but I can tell you most of the same things the reviews do: For the first week or so you’ll be playing with it constantly and there will be lots of people saying “the battery life isn’t good enough”, because it’s not designed to […]

Measure carefully first

Ben Brooks – Apple’s Cut: This is the heart of the issue. Consumers don’t, can’t, and shouldn’t have to know the people and motives behind purchases in apps — all consumers should need to do is trust that Apple has done their job vetting all of this. Apple failed to do that with Path and […]

iOS data security and @parislemon

Android and iOS are operating systems that run on computers. Granted, these computers are smaller than the ones you grew up with, but they’re still computers. And guess what? In many ways, they work like computers have in past — including the ability of accessing your other files. It’s a feature, not a bug. — […]

Things about Google+

Some thoughts about Google+. First the simple one. I understand / appreciate Twitter’s simplicity a lot more now. It only does one thing. You don’t need to keep track of notifications and posts and tags and checkins and comments. You just read the timeline till you get bored or catch up. Secondly, on an Android […]

Google and Apple have found different ways to bet with the web, rather than against the web. – Daring Fireball: Yet More on the Unfolding Future-of-Flash-and-the-Web Saga (via Instapaper)

Creator codes now dead

Thus, an application in Snow Leopard cannot use a creator code attached to a document to bind that document to itself. Snow Leopard Snubs Document Creator Codes Well, as far as I’m concerned, good. I don’t think I’ve opened a document by double-clicking on it in years – the unpredictability of ‘which of the 4 […]

It’s hard to like Android.

I don’t have a personal beef against Apple or the iPhone – I’ve never wanted to tether my computer to my phone, I can’t get a Google Voice account (Google maintain an air of smug US-centricity sometimes that Apple can’t match), and I’ve never tried to ship an app with an open webkit in it. […]