Disqus comments

I used to think that if I did my own thing to handle comment spam then I’d be low-hanging fruit and wouldn’t have a problem. And this worked for quite a long time. But a couple of weeks ago it stopped working, and last week I turned off comments on jerakeen.org just so I didn’t […]

Sanitising comments with Python

As is my wont, I’m in the middle of porting jerakeen.org to another back-end. This time, I’m porting it back to the Django-based Python version (it’s been written in rails for a few months now). It’s grown a few more features, and one of them is somewhat smarter comment parsing. This being a vaguely technical blog, […]

On blog comment spam

Blog comment spam, the scourge of the internet. Having written yet another CMS to power jerakeen.org, I wanted comments on pages again. Django rocks hard – adding commenting was easy. And a day later, I have comment spam. Bugger. From a purely abstract point of view, I find this interesting. There must be a spider looking […]