iCal calendar push

There’s a common misconception that iCal uses WebDAV to upload calendars to remove servers. This bites me every so often, as I wrote the Dopplr iCal upload code and people tend to assume that if iCal can upload calendars, so should any other local calendar client that uses WebDAV. And they can’t – things break. iCal […]

More Google Earth / Doppr stuff

More Google Earth / Dopplr stuff – this time it’s an overlay of planned trips. Your planned trips, in fact, which isn’t terribly useful, but it’s a new API, and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to do overlays for everyone you have data for. Then I need some way of establishing time data, or […]

Google Earth placemarks from Dopplr

Thanks to a combination of dopplr, XML, mattb and Zimki, you can now display the locations of your Dopplr fellow travelers in Google Earth. I’ve been wanting to use zimki to make a Google Earth KML file for some time now – not for any particularly good reason, mind, it’s just that Zimki is good […]