Dirty Game Development Tricks

Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal was an online title that shipped without the ability to patch either code or data. Which was unfortunate. The game downloads and displays an End User License Agreement each time it’s launched. This is an ascii string stored in a static buffer. This buffer is filled from the server […]

Let’s imagine someone, we’ll call them Bertha, deciding they want to get into gaming, so they buy an Xbox One, and play Assassin’s Creed 4. She likes it, and wants to play Assassin’s Creed 1-3 as well. What do we say to her? “You can’t. All the previous installments of the story that provide the […]

At one point we were experimenting with architectural glitches, with repeating sections of test chambers, misaligned sections and three-dimensional compression artefacts. Unfortunately, bugs in transcription by self-replicating robots looked just like bugs in the game. Specially Level With Me, Adam Foster – Part Two | Rock, Paper, Shotgun Source: rockpapershotgun.com

Deus EX / Social Enhancer

It absolutely does make it “gamey,” which is actually kind of brilliant. It plays very well to some of the game’s core conceits regarding augmentation in that, if you “upgrade” yourself in this way, you’re no longer connecting with other human beings; you’re looking at readouts and emitting pheromones like some sort of malicious robot […]

There is no secret conspiracy to use variable-ratio reinforcement to literally addict people to MMOs. Not only is that really ethically sketchy, it involves a level of advance planning which doesn’t really exist in the production environment of an in-development MMO, where planning usually revolves around DEAR GOD THE SERVERS HAVE LITERALLY CAUGHT ON FIRE. […]

I think it’s interesting to compare the anger and fury vented over the App Store, and consider that almost nobody is railing against these stores, even though they’re much more closed than Apple’s platform, and may collectively reach more users. – [Time code]; Wii are selective in our outrage

That’s it in a nutshell, right? Granting another person, or entity, or coven veto power over your business, which is veto power over your creative destiny. You only make that choice when it’s not actually a choice. Xbox Live Arcade, that larval contraption on the original Xbox, is now a billion dollar business because people […]

Wii Exercise Doesn’t Beat the Gym During a nine-month period in 2008 following the introduction of the Wii Fit, users of the technology suffered 308 injuries that led to an emergency room visit, according to an estimate from a researcher at Ohio State University. (via Instapaper)

Roger Ebert I already said I like, and I always put Mark Kermode’s radio show on when I’m working on ZP. And both those critics have expressed dismay for the rise of stereoscopic 3D in films. I’m beginning to see that motion controls are to me what 3D is to Ebert and Kermode. A desperate […]