Things about Google+

Some thoughts about Google+. First the simple one. I understand / appreciate Twitter’s simplicity a lot more now. It only does one thing. You don’t need to keep track of notifications and posts and tags and checkins and comments. You just read the timeline till you get bored or catch up. Secondly, on an Android […]

Stars make search more invasive Possibly Google didn’t notice last time they did this and it went badly. Let’s try again. Stars sync with your Google Bookmarks and the Google Toolbar, so you can always see your list of starred items in one place and easily organize them. HOW DARE THEY take a list of […]

Google and Apple have found different ways to bet with the web, rather than against the web. – Daring Fireball: Yet More on the Unfolding Future-of-Flash-and-the-Web Saga (via Instapaper)

Contact sync is scary

So what the Nexus One did was decide that my device was the Master, and the Gmail server hosting all of my contacts should be overwritten with this master content. [..] I had 5 years worth of contacts in my gmail, from so many projects and encompassing so many people I’ve met and done work […]