There have been a couple of things I’ve been linked to recently about how some APIs claim that they are RESTian, but aren’t really – Gareth and Jens. To my mind, there’s not a lot of clarity here. So. Things that make your web service RESTian: Resources are represented by URLs. Resources can be cached […]

Opinions on REST

I wrote a thing about what is and isn’t REST. That was (what I believe are) the facts. This bit is opinion. Things that actually matter: You’ve shipped something. Your API has client libraries, even if they’re trivial wrappers (because people will complain otherwise, or write bad ones). REST is a nice dream. But I’m […]

Every response should contain hyperlinks to other resources, where the structure/metadata around it indicates what’s on the other end. It should still be self-describing even if the URL is completely opaque — “nice URLs” do not make you RESTful. You should never need an “endpoint” or any documentation at all, whether machine or human-readable. I […]