Authentication, Chrome, Passwords – Security is Hard

From Chrome’s insane password security strategy: There are two sides to this. The developer’s side, and the user’s side. Both roles have vastly different opinions as to how the computer works. Any time I try to draw attention to this, I get the usual responses from technical people: [..] The computer is already insecure as […]

iOS data security and @parislemon

Android and iOS are operating systems that run on computers. Granted, these computers are smaller than the ones you grew up with, but they’re still computers. And guess what? In many ways, they work like computers have in past — including the ability of accessing your other files. It’s a feature, not a bug. — […]

WordPress iPhone app released

There’s a dedicated iPhone app for WordPress blogs now. Except that it doesn’t work out the box. I’m very impressed otherwise, though. As mentioned by @mattb, it’s a pity that it doesn’t let you moderate comments as well. But the ease with which I can take a photo and get it onto a wordpress blog […]

Twittervision on the iPhone

I tried Twittervision on the iPhone. And it’s quite pretty, in a hypnotic way. So I gave it my twitter username/password, to try it as a twittering interface. And it’s lousy. But ok, I have a twittering interface. I delete the app. Today, I see a tweet from @davetroy. Who? I don’t know him. Turns out […]