Launchbar 5.1

Adds support for indexing Google Chrome bookmarks and history — Launchbar 5.1 release notes Launchbar is the piece of software on my machine that I notice the least and use the most. I cannot use my computer without it, and get confused on other poeple’s macs when I can’t run applications any more. Until today, […]

Facebook’s Open Compute Project On a large scale like this — not a small open-source project by good-willed individuals — “opening” something is almost always an effort to commoditize it, leveling the playing field as much as possible and marginalizing competitive advantages that others might have had. [..] Nobody “opens” the parts of their business […]

Talking to Jekyll using MarsEdit

Brent Simmons wrote a plea for Baked Weblogs the other week. It resonated – I’m the sort of nerd who obsessively re-writes his blogging engine more often than he actually uses it to blog things with, so I’ve been through a lot of solutions, and I keep coming back to baking. Anyway. Brent wrote another […]

I bake a lot of my site – everything except the blog, in fact, which is hosted on Tumblr. I do, however, also pull all the blog pages down and render them to another domain, as an emergency “Tumblr has died again” measure. I can repoint a DNS record and I’m entirely stand-alone. In theory. […]

When Quicksilver went away I paid for a version of LaunchBar and moved on with my life. 2 It’s not cheap, at $35, but that money gives the developer a reason to stick with development — it becomes a real business instead of just an elaborate hobby. – Fragility of Free — The Brooks Review

You can actually get pretty far on a single MySQL database and not even have to worry about partitioning at the application level. You can “scale up” to a machine with lots of cores and tons of ram, plus a replica. If you have a layer of memcached servers in front of the databases (which […]

Imagine that your task for the day is to localize a piece of software — and luckily for you, the only output the program emits is two messages [..] how hard could that be? [… some time later …] [..] where $directory_count % 10 is 2, 3, or 4 (except where $directory_count % 100 is […]