Tom Insam

Byline 2.0

There's been a new release of Byline, my favourite iPhone app, and it's great. It syncs my folders, so I no longer get swamped when my economist feed grows 90 items, and I can add notes from the phone, which is not something I had realised I needed till I got it. I haven't used the new version in anger yet, but it's making me happy already.

Apart from the look. What's with this faux-wood effect? Ewwww.

It also no longer shells out to Safari to read news items when I tap on an URL. This seems wrong, but because the iPhone won't multi-task, it saves me app-switching time. I'm torn on this one - while I think that web browsing should be done by the system web browser, it's so easy to embed a web view that's just as good as Safari that I'm not losing out on anything here. I can't bookmark things, I guess. But I can open the page in Safari from Byline if I want to do that. So I guess 'embedded web browser' wins on convenience over abstract theoretical goodness. Just like the iPhone itself.