Tom Insam

Apple Photos

Photos: “Here’s a favorites album! You can put the photos you like the most in it! There are other albums, and you can share the whole library with your family, but not your albums. Apart from the favorites album, you have to share that one.”

Watch: “You can sync any album of photos you want to your watch! But just one.”

Lock screen: “You can have a rotating collection of photos on your lock screen now! What’s that? Albums? Favorites? What’s an album? Nah, I’ll pick the photos for you, but I have magic, so I know you’ll love them. I don’t care what you marked as favorite. And no, if you actually like one of them, I won’t show you where it is in your library, that would be too easy. No, you can’t just use an album.”

iPad lock screen: “Hahaha no.”

Watch: “Magically chosen photos that you’ll love? Interesting! No, you can’t use those. Just albums.”

Photos: “No, why would you want to see the specially curated list of magical photos the lock screen thinks you’d love? That’s absurd. Here’s a set of unrelated Memories that I know you’ll enjoy.”

Lock screen: “Don’t be silly, you can’t put Memories on the lock screen, why would you want that? My selection is better.”

Watch: “Sure you can have Memories on the watch! No you can’t pick which one.”

Third party API: “No of course you can’t let users pick photos from any of these curated lists, that’s silly.”