Custom UINavigationController back buttons under iOS7

When you first create / get a reference to the navigation controller, set a global custom back image (replaces the chevron) with: [self.navigationController.navigationBar setBackIndicatorImage: [UIImage imageNamed:@”CustomerBackImage”]]; [self.navigationController.navigationBar setBackIndicatorTransitionMaskImage: [UIImage imageNamed:@”CustomerBackImage”]]; The title of the back button is owned by the view that it points to, not the current view. You can make it blank by […]

renewing ACAccount credentials on iOS

An iOS 5/6 device can have system-level Twitter/Facebook accounts that become disassociated from the underlying service accounts. This means that the ACAccountStore framework will return you ACAccount objects that can be used to sign requests and get access tokens, but NONE OF THE REQUESTS WILL WORK and you’ll get MYSTERIOUS OAUTH ERRORS and LOTS OF […]

iOS data security and @parislemon

Android and iOS are operating systems that run on computers. Granted, these computers are smaller than the ones you grew up with, but they’re still computers. And guess what? In many ways, they work like computers have in past — including the ability of accessing your other files. It’s a feature, not a bug. — […]

Notification slide-downs

Android The pull-down is a progressive reveal: when it’s half-way out, you see the top half, which is probably where the stuff you care about is. iOS 5 The pull-down slides the view into place: when it’s half-way out, you see the bottom half, which will be blank if you only have a couple of […]

iPad interface design

[..] there is a reason I didn’t go into Weather apps on the iPad, it is just a much more difficult device to layout weather information on. — Ben Brooks Not just weather apps information. I have no design skills at all, but I was able to write a functional iPhone app and put it […]

OS release schedules

Google delays Honeycomb tablet OS; what if that was Apple Can you imagine if it were Apple delaying a software release. What would the press say if Apple admitted it took shortcuts with its OS to keep up with Google and now they couldn’t release it? The press would have a field day with that […]

I think it’s interesting to compare the anger and fury vented over the App Store, and consider that almost nobody is railing against these stores, even though they’re much more closed than Apple’s platform, and may collectively reach more users. – [Time code]; Wii are selective in our outrage

What Are Tablets For? · The trade-off is obvious. You win because you can show a bigger picture, which is important, and you lose because it just won’t fit in many pockets, which is important. It’ll go in most purses, though. – ongoing by Tim Bray · Galaxy Tab Tim thinks tablets are big phones, […]