All change

I’ve been using the nick ‘jerakeen’ for at least… hmmm… 13 years? A long time, anyway. It was a pretty good name, I think – it’s decently unique, quite easy to spell, it’s a slightly-obscure and yet nerdy reference, and (crucially) pretty unique; It’s been pretty easy to maintain myself as the top google hit […]

Running your own blog

in Blogs and baked goods John August simultaneously uses a new and incompatible baking metaphor about blogging, and argues that.. Most people shouldn’t be running their own blogging software I agree. Except that I do run my own. In fact, not only do I host my own blogging software, on a machine that I admin myself, but […]

On blog comment spam

Blog comment spam, the scourge of the internet. Having written yet another CMS to power, I wanted comments on pages again. Django rocks hard – adding commenting was easy. And a day later, I have comment spam. Bugger. From a purely abstract point of view, I find this interesting. There must be a spider looking […]

Blog-Mail convergence

Muttley caused this train of thought. Blame him. Thoughts for a blogging toy Here’s something I might do. Every time I post a blog entry, people on a list could get a mail with the subject, contents, etc, just like I actually just sent the thing to a mailing list. People can reply to the mail, and […]