Tom Insam

Cool apps and Cocoa

I like this James Duncan Davidson article because it provides a lovely counterpoint to the 'the mac is a much smaller market, so you'll never make as much profit':

In a conversation with Rich last night, one point kept coming up: If he did his application for Windows, he would have to have a larger team - probably 5 or 10 developers instead of one. And a larger team would mean that he would need more start-up money and a whole host of other issues

Certainly I'm finding PyObjC and Cocoa such a ridiculously easy RAD tool that it's almost easier to start a new project and play with some code than it is to think about it first. I nearly have a little library of useful controls I can throw at things, too - I have an iPhoto-like view that lets me put lots of scaling images into a scroll view, at which point I can write some fun photo-site clients. As usual, the main problem is focus...