Tom Insam

Shelf ported to Python

Ruby turned out to be a bit of a pain for Shelf - I needed many external libraries and the Ruby bridge does a fairly bad job of packaging them all. I've ported the thing to Python now and it seems better - in fact, it's better enough that I can actually produce a binary! Check out the downloadable action! - MacOS 10.5 only, and this is very unlikely to change. Deal with it.

It'll pull context from Safari, NetNewsWire,, Adium and Twitterific. Adding new apps is easy, I just haven't yet. It'll display only the person's name, email addresses, and street address. And there will be errors if the street address is incomplete. It's a PROOF OF CONCEPT. Jeez. Quit whining. There is code to fetch the recent feeds of their pages, but it's disabled because the app blocks while it's doing it, making it practically unusable.

Update: [Version 0.0.2 now available]( - it's a little smarter, and tries to parse microformats in the source of the current Safari tab now.Another Update: Hmm, packaging things is _hard_. Never mind, try [version 0.0.5]( - it actually _works_, and does RSS feeds and Flickr photos and twitter messages and threading and things. I'm getting happier and happier with this..

Rather than me updating this page all the time, just go to the Shelf project page and get the most recent binary from there.